Ser collection is urban and graphic with a pure and sober style, where subtle elegance is based on a strong requirement about the cut and the choice of noble materials. The Fashion Designer decides to honor basics and timeless of the male wardrobe by revisiting and bringing a contemporary or avant-garde touch. The purity of the clothing requires many researches and knowledge about the cutting and closures, to get the good balance of the garment. Ser collection draws its inspiration in the movement and the flow of the daily life. Graphic asymmetries instill an elegant and controlled confidence, without being ostentatious. It confers an artistic fiber and the desire to live in the extreme modernity of a Designer Clothing. Ser collection is based on the requirement of French Design and Quality.


TRENDS CITIES, Lights and deconstruction of time.

The Collection is Experimental ; it draws its inspiration in Urban, Global cities where the Anonymous is around the Exceptional, the Unique. Ser Wardrobe allows to Exist, to Differentiate himself

Ser wants to promote beautiful materials : Silk, Astrakhan Fur, plunged soft Lambskin Leather, 100% wool, cotton satin. They are carefully chosen to ensure Comfort and Durability of the garment. Beautiful Finishes ensure a French Quality for this exclusively Male Wardrobe.


Young French Designer born in 1992, trained during 5 years in Design and Fashion Schools in France (Bellecour Ecoles d'Art, Ecoles de Condé), passionate about Art and Creation. Design, photography, painting are part of  its DNA. " I have always wanted to create my brand. Draw and create for Men was completely obvious. Fashion is a way of communicating and sharing with other people, to convey emotions and desires.