Ser is a French Brand of High-end Ready-to-Wear Clothing for Men.

The Man Ser is embedded within the times he lives in. He is a man for his time and place. He has got sure of himself and he knows how to get his point across with a boldness, not for the others but for him. The man Ser feels like showing that HE IS THERE and that he is different. As well in his way of Being or Thinking, than in his Clothing Choices.

For him, his image is important, he is sure that what he wears is precursory and will be the trends of tomorrow. He is a man who has a wide open-mindedness and can adapt to any situation. His unique style is a Strength.

The Man Ser wants to exist, to be present, and for that, He is a man who cannot live alone. , He loves the City, the Crowd and the Movement. He just needs this Urban environment to feel good and quiet. This citizen of the world is determined by his interests and his personal taste.

He is a man who has got an artistic fiber, who enjoys discovering and understanding artists’ messages of this world. The rest of the time, he enjoys to be surrounded with his friends to get out, have fun and relax, to meet interesting people. Cinema, restaurants, nightclubs, concerts, journeys … he tries to fill his life and to be the most flourished as possible … totally aware to get one Life and that it is not eternal.

Ideally, he would like no daily routine, he gets bored easily and does not like so much stagnating situations. When he is told about Fashion, he answers he likes quality clothes that add Style and Identity. For him, to be fashionable has no real sense, the most important is the Style because it is the first thing you notice.

He prefers to get a garment which tells a story and remains a significant amount of time even if some part of him knows that Fashion never sleeps. The Man Ser wants to be closer to the trend, something like a concern of the time who changes us, and so to get older, he is totally aware that we can feel young at any age.

Ser clothes spread a modern and trendy image of French-Style Men Fashion, with a DNA specific to its Designer.

Wearing a Ser clothing, Man Ser feels S as S ophisticated,
e as e legant,
r as r efined.

Ser gives an Identity, a Style, a DNA.

In Spanish, Ser represents ” To Be in the present “, “To Exist”.

Men’ fashion codes are revisited, renewed. Garments are structured and graphics. Ser offers a playful and original vision of fashion.

  • With a Ser garment, you distinguishes yourself thanks to Designer’Clothes with unique artistic spirit and style.
  • With a Ser garment, you get a top of the range Quality, both in finishes and in fabrics and materials, what contributes to the aestheticism, comfort and durability of the garment.
  • With a Ser garment, you enjoy the refinement of the French Couture.

French Design – Création française



Young French Designer born in 1992, trained during 5 years in Design and Fashion Schools in France (Bellecour Ecoles d’Art, Ecoles de Condé), passionate about Art and Creation. Design, photography, painting are part of  its DNA.


” I have always wanted to create my brand. Draw and create for Men was completely obvious. Fashion is a way of communicating and sharing with other people, to convey emotions and desires. A way to show that we are here, in the present time with the rest of the world, in the sense of Ser: to be, to Exist in Spanish. A heart transplant during my years of studies made me feel that we must fulfill our Dreams. ”

Member of the Designers Village at Lyon – FRANCE

Member of the Incubator in INSEEC Business School at Lyon – FRANCE